Tradeshow Marketing 101

Despite the necessity to cut expenses during these turbulent times, perhaps it is also a time to increase your presence in the marketplace. Trade shows can be an effective way to present your product during these tough times. Re-assuring customers and potential customers is even more important now than when budgets are flush. Whether you are doing business locally or on a national scale, you want to show a strong and consistent presence.

There are many reasons to enter a trade show, although the most common goal is to increase sales. Participation is a good way to sense the conditions of the marketplace and the attitude of the people, which in turn may clarify the direction you want to take to achieve your marketing goals.

There are two critical elements in creating a successful show: Staff and sign displays. For staff, you will want someone with good body language that is approachable and displays a friendly welcome. The staff member must be personable and enthusiastic about your products and services, yet also have the appropriate knowledge to answer technical questions. This person, along with a well designed display, could be the draw required to capture the attention of visitors.

The second important element of a good show is your display. Signs should be clear and simple, with a short compelling headline. The shorter the headline, the bolder and bigger it can appear and the further it will be seen. Do not be tempted to try and explain everything you want to say on your sign. Keep the message short and to the point, and let your staff provide the technical information and determine the customer's interests.

Once you've decided to participate, you need to focus on how to draw and engage
potential customers and contacts. Promotional items, with company name and contact, or having a draw, which will provide you with contact information, are a couple of ways to attract the attention of visitors to your booth. Once there, be sure to have your products displayed in a tidy and organized manner with prices and basic information clearly marked. Customers don't want to search or wait if you're busy with another potential customer. Be sure to have a good supply of coloured flyers, brochures, price sheets and business cards for them to take away and call you later.

You also need to decide what items to display and how to display them. Find out the specifics of your space (e.g. whether there is wall space, electrical outlets, a table and its size and anything else that may or may not be included) and determine what type of stand or stands to use. Identify your needs and choose from a broad choice of stands to promote or exhibit your product.

Following are a few popular items that will be seen at most trade shows:

  • Banners - No display stand or booth is complete without a banner. You need a banner that provides the visual impact to attract visitors and leave them with an impression to remember.
  • Banner Stands – retractable displays, X-banner stands, clips, and much more. Add a customized banner design. These stands allow you to place your image where ever you desire, plus they are incredibly portable!
  • Folding display racks - perfect for showcasing your flyers, specials, brochures and other literature that displays your message.
  • Pop-Up Exhibits – various table-top or floor standing models, that set up in minutes, serving individual purposes. Attach custom designed graphics that are easy to transport or visual aids or accessories for different types of presentation scenarios.
  • A-Shaped Poster Stands – cost effective way to change your message. Digitally reproduce your posters overnight.

And lastly, but just as important, is the follow-up. You have just gathered all of these leads and now it is important to contact visitors in a timely fashion. This is a common error made, no follow-up, but without it there was really no point gathering the information. By following these few trade show tips, you will draw attention to your booth, gather new leads and enhance your trade show presentation.

If you are planning a show and require help with the preparation, Modern Press Limited has a representative to provide the personal service and expert consultation to handle all of your needs. Whether shopping for the brochures and literature to hand out, or the display stands to exhibit them, we can leave a lasting impression on you and your booth. Our graphic designers will work with you to create a display that creates an inviting environment to help make your next show a success. Call us at 780.484.7721 or 780.455.9989 or send us an email.

Modern Press has been wonderful at delivering exceptional printing products in a timely fashion. Because of the quality of my print material, I regularly receive inquires about who is responsible for my print material. Modern Press has made it easy for me to create new marketing initiatives and I am always confident that I will receive a high quality print product.  

– Dr. Megan Harris
The Chiropractic Wellness Studio


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