Modern Press Printing

  1. Description: what the product is
  2. Quantity: it's a good idea to check different quantities in search of volume discounts
  3. Finished Size: yes, we are Canadian, but we still like your sizing in Imperial. Using a book as an example, we will need to know the size when it is open or closed (or both)
  4. Pages: One sheet of paper is two pages
  5. Ink: How many colours per side; PMS numbers if possible
  6. Type of Stock: bond, text, cover, matte, gloss, uncoated
  7. Binding: saddle-stitched, perfect bound, coiled, etc.
  8. Finishing: folded, die cut, etc.
  9. Artwork: Do you have it or do you need it? Modern Press does have in-house design services available
  10. Date needed by

If you've got a file for us to look at, that's even better – it often clears up some questions right at the outset.

Speaking of artwork, we can output your files from a variety of software programs. This is how we’d like your files:
Minimum 300dpi
Bleeds if ink goes to the edge of the document
Die lines indicated (if applicable)

For full colour work: Quark Xpress, Adobe Pagemaker, Illustrator or InDesign work best.

Yikes! Please avoid the following:

  • Lo-res files (under 300dpi)
  • Files such as Microsoft Word, Works, Powerpoint, Publisher and Wordperfect do not support film separation output, therefore we are unable to use these files unless they are “text only” and additional charges may occur for formatting.
    Please call us for more information or if you are not sure.

Aaahhh – Don’t know what we’re talking about up there?

Don’t worry, here’s a glossary of terms (and you can always call us if you still have questions).

Alex & Barb, I wanted you to know how grateful I am to you.  It is so comforting to know I can call you for pricing on any project, large or small.  I know you are going to find the best printer to do my job. You save me so much time and  effort. I can’t imagine with all the printing I do, to have to call 6 or 7 printers to get the full scope of what I need, let alone the best possible price. I am also very proud to show off my Womanition Magazine and tell everyone you printed this for me.  You have become an integral partner in my business.  You’re always on time and have not missed a deadline.  I refer business to you, as I am confident you will take care of my friends and business relationships like you take care of me. 

– Dorothy Briggs, Publisher
Womanition Magazine


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