Know the lingo

4/4 – stands for four process colours over four process colours (basically full colour on both the front and back of the document). You’ll also see various combinations like 4/0 (full colour front, no printing on back), 2/2 (two colours on front and two colours on the back), etc

.ai – Illustrator file

Bleeds - an image that runs off the trimmed edge of a page

c1s- coated one side

c2s – coated two sides

CMYK – stands for a combination of cyan/magenta/yellow/black

Die cut – special shape to the document (e.g. round corners on a business card)

Digital printing - image is sent direct to the printer via PDFs or other compatible software and eliminates the need for a printing plate. Creates faster turnaround times and eliminates the need for larger runs.

Gloss – coated paper that has a gloss or shiny finish

Hi-res – high resolution (at least 300dpi)

Lo-res – lo resolution (under 300dpi) which results in a lower quality document

Matte – a coated stock without the gloss (note: this is different from uncoated stock)

Offset (or sheet fed) printing - printing technique where the inked image is transferred from a plate to a rubber blanket and then to the paper.  This process is based on the oil and water principle.

PDF – stands for Portable Document Format

PMS colours- stands for Pantone Matching System

Publisher – a design software program

Uncoated – no coating on the paper

Web printing- the paper is fed into the press via continuous rolls of paper, as opposed to flat sheets, typically used for large runs.

Alexandria Favret is a service oriented entrepreneur – a business print solutions expert who understands running a business from the inside! Her work ethic together with the quality of product she ensures reaches your door, are nothing less than exemplary. Alex's attention to detail, follow-up, service excellence and professionalism have meant that every project she has undertaken on our behalf has been executed extremely well. In addition, having an ability to find the right solution for your needs, takes a good ear and a willing heart. Alex and Modern Press have delivered this to us in spades. We are very pleased to recommend her as one of our strategic business partners.

– Angela Armstrong
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