Got questions? We've got answers. (Most of them, anyway.)

Q: What is a print broker?
A: A print broker is someone who will source the best price and quality for your printing needs. As brokers, we work with a variety of experienced printers. Consequently, we can provide competitive pricing and consistently good quality for a wide range of printing needs.

Q: Why would I use a broker?
A: The services of a print broker are ideal for clients unable to comparison shop for themselves due to demanding professional commitments and other time constraints. A broker will also know the best place to go for each and every printing job. Just like you wouldn’t shop at the same store for jeans as you would a pair of shoes, we won’t send your business cards to a printer that really specializes in large magazine runs.

Q: Will I have to pay an extra fee?
A: Definitely not! The printer provides the broker with broker rates so that we are able to offer the client regular market price (or even less!) for printing. However, the most cost effective advantage we provide is the ability to pair each job with the most compatible equipment. A full understanding of the trade and the relationships with the various printers gives us an inside advantage in many ways.

Q: What if I need help with graphic design?
A: No problem. We’ve got several in-house designers whose rates are extremely competitive in today’s marketplace.

Q: What kinds of printing jobs do you take on?
A: If it needs printing, we can get it done for you: anything from business cards, books, marketing materials and magazines to promotional items, banners, tradeshow displays and even large outdoor signage.

Q: What else can I expect?
A: Streamlined service (you’ll never have to deal with any problems that come up with the printer), attention to detail, quality and timeliness. Did you know that Modern Press Ltd. has been around in Edmonton since 1945?

We enjoy an excellent relationship with Modern Press and have had numerous occasions where we have had extremely tight deadlines and they has gone the extra mile to get things delivered. The results have been time saving and therefore cost saving for Pivotal Events. In turn, we are able to pass on savings to our clients.

– Mandy Foster & Cheryl Renzenbrink
Pivotal Events Ltd.


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